2023 Workshops

Hear It Played

We bring the music to life to help you make decisions while shopping in our store! Generally, harpists purchase music without seeing or hearing it first. This is an opportunity to hear nuggets of pieces and find out what is suitable for your current level.

Stage Presence and Etiquette

Monday afternoon – Solo Competition participants will have an opportunity to play parts of their competition piece in the competition venue. You will learn how to approach the harp and practice bowing and exiting the stage.


Wednesday afternoon – Elizabeth Richter will lead a 90-minute workshop.


Wednesday afternoon – Dr. Charles W. Lynch III will lead a 90-minute workshop.

From Arranging to Composing

Thursday afternoon – Maurice Draughn will lead this 90-minute workshop. Come learn about the benefits of arranging for harp and how it can lead to composing your very own pieces for the instrument. We will also discover the many capabilities of writing for the harp beyond the big three – chords, glissandi and arpeggios.


Thursday afternoon – Bridget Kibbey will lead a 90-minute masterclass. Email us at if you are interested in performing!


Friday afternoon – Faye Seeman will lead a 90-minute workshop in which you learn the Pachelbel Canon in several different ways. Light and fun, with some improv thrown in.