Morning Workshop

Hear It Played

We bring the music to life to help you make decisions while shopping in our store! Generally, harpists purchase music without seeing or hearing it first. This is an opportunity to hear nuggets of pieces and find out what is suitable for your current level.


Harp Maintenance

Monday afternoon – There is always something new to learn about your harp’s maintenance!


Stage Presence and Etiquette

Monday afternoon – Solo Competition participants will have an opportunity to play parts of their competition piece in the competition venue. You will learn how to approach the harp and practice bowing and exiting the stage.


Utilizing the iPad and Finale in the Daily Life of the Harpist

Wednesday afternoon – Presented by Dr. Jordan Chua at Lyon & Healy Hall. He will demonstrate and explain the possible uses that the iPad and Finale Music Notation Software have in the life of the harpist as educator, performer, and enthusiast. In a world that utilizes sleeker, cleaner, and greener options, both the tablet device and music notation software are tools that are useful and awesome, once the demystifying of the “How to” and “What’s that?” happens. This is the extended version of the 2018 Chicago Harp Day workshop.


Dive into the World of Loopers and Effects Boxes

Thursday afternoon – Presented by guest artist Jacqueline Kerrod. With the help of a little technology, you can create beautiful and complex grooves/textures no matter what your level! In this workshop, Jacqueline guides you through ‘plugging in’, practicing the action of looping, and building grooves/textures using a looping device and effects boxes.


Say Yes to the Harp!

Friday afternoon – Presented by faculty member Elizabeth Richter. Buying a harp is exciting, yet it can seem overwhelming to find the right brand, size, and style while staying within your budget. In this workshop we will explore how to narrow down your choices, what to look and listen for in the showroom, and strategies for financing your harp.