2021 Online Workshops


Train Your Brain

Faye Seeman will teach tricks of the trade for improving your memorization.


Solo/Orchestral Masterclass

Elizabeth Richter will lead a 90-minute masterclass. Registrants may choose to perform at no additional charge. If you are interested in performing a solo or orchestral excerpt, please email


Tuning and Harp Care

As the artistic director for Venus harps, Janelle Lake tuned and cared for at least 5 harps daily.   Whether you’re a basic beginner or a professional playing at Symphony Center, this workshop aims at getting your harp in the best possible shape.   Janelle Lake recommends tuning apps, techniques, basic harp maintenance, and shares a few motivational stories.  

Daily warm-ups


Janelle Lake will lead us in a daily warm-up. Topics include glisses, articulation, harmonics, modes, and rhythm. 


Ensemble 101

Led by Dr. Charles W. Lynch III

Introductory basics on how to set yourself up for success in your school orchestra or community ensemble: how to prepare your part, how to follow a conductor, how to listen and fit into the ensemble, and other concerns of playing in a large ensemble. Feeling confident in these basics will allow you to focus on adding your voice to the ensemble and ultimately have fun creating music with fellow musicians!