Monday through Thursday morning, each ensemble individually rehearses their repertoire in preparation for the Saturday morning concert. On Friday morning, the ensembles come together for the dress rehearsal. Each ensemble has three pieces individually and an additional two pieces that will be performed with the other ensembles. Our faculty members rotate and have the chance to work with each ensemble. Friday morning is the ensemble concert dress rehearsal.

What To Expect

Participating harpists are expected to prepare their ensemble parts before the festival begins. You will choose your ensemble when you register. Faye Seeman, our Ensemble Coordinator, will then email your teacher and assign you an appropriate part. Then Lou Hurst, our Music Distributor, will mail your music.


2024 Ensemble Music

Largo Ensemble

(Beginner lever or pedal harps)

Allegro Ensemble

(Intermediate lever or pedal harps)

Vivace Ensemble

(Advanced pedal harps)

Combined Pieces