Solo Competition

2024 Solo Competition

Registration will open January 17th.

Novice, Intermediate I, and Intermediate II participants choose Pre-Recorded Video OR In-Person performance. In-Person performers compete for cash prizes. Pre-Recorded performers compete for separate Online 1st Place and Online 2nd Place certificates and are not eligible for cash prizes. There is no Winners’ Recital for pre-recorded competitors.

Advanced I and Advanced II participants must compete in person.

ALL competitors receive feedback from 3 different judges. 

Important Dates

  • January 17th: Registration opens
  • May 1st: Registration closes
  • May 26th: Videos due by 7pm CT
  • June 10th: Stage Presence and Etiquette workshop, some divisions may compete in-person
  • June 11th: In-person competition and Winners’ Recital


Tuesday afternoon, June 11th, 2024

If necessary, some divisions may be moved to Monday afternoon, June 10th.

Winners' Recital

7:30 pm CT June 11th, 2024

First and Second Place recipients perform at the Winners’ Recital.

First and Second Place winners in each division must be available to perform in the Winners’ Recital to receive their award. Honorable Mention winners will receive their certificates on stage during the Winners’ Recital.

2024 Repertoire


Intermediate I

Intermediate II

Advanced I

Advanced II

Solo Competition Guidelines

Stage Presence & Etiquette

- Monday afternoon, June 10th
- Full-time festival registrants participating in the competition are required to attend this workshop. Those competitors not registered for the festival full-time are encouraged to attend at no additional charge.
- Solo Competition participants will have an opportunity to play parts of their competition piece in the competition venue. They will learn how to approach the harp and practice bowing and exiting the stage.


- Semi-formal to formal stage dress is appropriate.

- If you are wearing a skirt or dress, please make sure it hits below the knees. If there is a slit, it should also stop below the knees.

- We recommend practicing in your competition outfit (that includes shoes!) so you are at ease when you compete.


- Music must be performed from memory.
- You must have the original printed music to hand to the judges. No other copies are necessary. If you bought the music online, please bring proof of purchase.
- Number the measures of your music at the beginning of each line. You do not need to number each actual measure.


- Shared harps will be provided for the competition.
- Be sure to specify lever, semi-grand, or concert grand harp on the registration form so we may make every effort to provide a similar harp for your use.
- Rehearsal time on the harp will be limited. Please arrive to the competition already warmed up if possible.


- Each judge critiques 10 different qualities of the performance: dynamics, rhythm, note accuracy, etc. A maximum of 100 points is given by each of the 3 judges.
- Competition winners are determined by the total cumulative points (300 maximum) given by all 3 judges. It is possible that not all winning levels will be represented if none of the contestants achieve enough points.
Points needed to achieve placement for each level:
- First Place 270 – 300 points
- Second Place 240 – 269 points
- Third Place 210 – 239 points
- Judged by Midwest Harp Festival faculty. Substitutes may be present.
- The judges' decisions are final.

Pre-Recorded Video Guidelines