Solo Competition

Solo Competition

The  2020 Midwest Harp Festival is cancelled due to COVID-19. Thanks to our donors, we are hosting the Solo Competition online! Registration is open through June 30th.

Please read through the rules below, and use this Google form to register: 

Festival Solo Competition Registration Form

If you would like to sign up for online private lessons, also use this form:

Lesson Registration Form


Video link must be sent to by 

1pm CST on Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

Winners' Recital

7pm CST on July 30th, 2020

Online Recital


First and Second Place recipients perform at the Winners’ Recital.

First and Second Place winners in each division must perform at the Online Winners’ Recital to receive their award. Non-winning competitors are encouraged to watch the online recital.



  • Lever or Pedal Harpist Entry Fee - $20
  • 1st Place Prize - $50
  • 2nd Place Prize - $25
  • Required Piece - Petite Berceuse – Alphonse Hasselmans

Intermediate I

  • Lever or Pedal Harpist Entry Fee - $25
  • 1st Place Prize - $75
  • 2nd Place Prize - $40
  • Required Piece - Two Guitars – Linda Wood from Graded Recital Pieces Volume Four
    *Pedal changes for glisses should be omitted for lever harpists and are optional for pedal harpists.*

Intermediate II

  • Pedal Harpist Entry Fee - $30
  • 1st Place Prize - $100
  • 2nd Place Prize - $50
  • Required Piece - "Sarabande" from Violin Partita No. 1– J.S. Bach/Marcel Grandjany from Etudes for Harp transcribed by Marcel Grandjany

Advanced I

  • Pedal Harpist Entry Fee - $40
  • 1st Place Prize - $150
  • 2nd Place Prize - $75
  • Required Piece - Vers la source dans le bois – Marcel Tournier

Advanced II

  • Pedal Harpist Entry Fee - $45
  • 1st Place Prize - $200
  • 2nd Place Prize - $100
  • Required Piece - Rhapsodie – Marcel Grandjany

Solo Competition Guidelines

  • Competition: Video link submitted by 1pm CST on Tuesday, July 28th, 2020
  • Online Winners' Recital: Thursday, July 30th, 7pm CST
  • First and Second Place - Winners must perform in the Online Winners' Recital to receive their award. Honorable Mentions and non-winning competitors are encouraged to watch the online recital to show good sportsmanship and support those who have won.
  • Competitors may only compete in ONE division.
  • Harpists who have won First Place in a particular division in any year(s) previous MUST compete in the next highest level.
  • All pieces must be memorized.
  • Judged by Dr. Charles W. Lynch III, Elizabeth Richter, and Faye Seeman. Substitutes may be present.
  • Harpists found to have chosen a repertoire selection below their level of competency will be disqualified by the judges.
  • Non-professional harpists of any age are allowed to compete. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome.

Video Recording

- The registrant must be the one performing.
- Video should be taken from the harpist's left side. The whole harp and performer must be visible.
- You may record as many times as you like, but the submitted video must be one single take.
- No editing or effects allowed.
- Avoid bright lights behind the harpist.
- Limit background noise as much as possible.
- Tune the harp before you begin recording.
- Do not talk during your video.
- If you are using your phone/tablet to record, make sure no cases, fingers, etc. are blocking the microphone. We also recommend you put it on silent before you begin recording to avoid interruptions!
- Upload your video to YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., and send the link to


- Semi-formal to formal stage dress is appropriate.

- If you are wearing a skirt or dress, please make sure it hits below the knees. If there is a slit, it should also stop below the knees.

- We recommend practicing in your competition outfit (that includes shoes!) so you are at ease when you compete.


- You must have the original printed music at home.
- You should number the measures of your music at the beginning of each line. You do not need to number each actual measure.
- When you email us your video link, also include a copy of your music.


- Each judge critiques 10 different qualities of the performance: dynamics, phrasing, rhythm, note accuracy, tempo, tone, technique, memory, appropriateness of repertoire, and stage presence. A maximum of 100 points is given by each of the 3 judges.

- Competition winners are determined by the total cumulative points (300 maximum) given by all 3 judges. It is possible that not all winning levels will be represented if none of the contestants achieve enough points.

Points needed to achieve placement for each level:
- First Place 270 – 300 points
- Second Place 240 – 269 points
- Third Place 210 – 239 points

  • The judges’ decisions are final.
  • The winners will be announced by 1pm CST Thursday, July 30th at the latest. We will email the results to all competitors and post them on this page.
  • Each competitor will receive comment sheets after the competition.