WORKSHOPS (all are 2 hours in length except for Harp Maintenance and Hear it Played)

Fees for non Fulltime Registrants

(if paid after 5/31/18) $60/day


Hear It Played – Lorelei Barton and Jaina Krueger

Several times during the week we will play music from our store that you would potentially want to purchase.  Generally, the harpist purchases most music sight unseen and ear unheard.  This is an opportunity to hear nuggets of pieces played. We bring the music to life to help you make your decisions while shopping in our store.

Harp Maintenance Nuggets – Peter Wiley
Monday afternoon

There is always something new to be learned about your harp’s maintenance that Peter can address.  With his humorous approach, there is always something to be learned or reminded about maintaining your harp.

Stage Presence and Etiquette – Jaina Krueger

For anyone but required by all solo competitors.  The competitors will have an opportunity to play parts or all of their competition piece in the competition venue.  You will learn how to approach the harp, remove any awkward sitting positions, and practice bowing, and exiting. 

Lead the Way – Tammy Wilcox
Tuesday afternoon

We will learn how to follow a lead sheet format using chords, scales and intervals to write your own arrangement as you go!  Eventually this will lead you to write your own arrangements on your own by using your ear to hear the melody.  You learn to build your accompaniment around the chosen melody.

23 Harpists and Me: Exploring Your Harp Ancestors  – Elizabeth Richter                                                    Wednesday Afternoon

In this workshop you will learn about many of the most important harpists of the past, the composers and pieces they inspired, and their influence as teachers. Through a look at your harp “DNA” we will build a family tree showing how we are all related to these great harpists of the past.

Guidance for the Ethical Harpist – Mary Bircher 
Thursday afternoon

What is ethics?  What in the world do ethics have to do with playing the harp? In this workshop we will study  basic ethical principals, and explore common ethical dilemmas we may encounter as harpists.   We will learn how ethical behavior will impact us as harpists, in our roles as students, teachers, performers and as we relate to the larger harp community.   Participants are invited to submit ethical dilemmas they may have encountered, to be used for class discussion.

Festival Fun with Faye – Faye Seeman
Friday afternoon

Back by Popular Demand!
Celebrate our last day of our week together with memory and harp-related trivia games, improvisation skits based on what we learned, create artwork based on what we hear, move to the beat, play concentration ala Midwest harp Festival and develop skits for the impending banquet.