Monday through Thursday mornings each ensemble group individually rehearses their repertoire in preparation for the Saturday morning concert.  Friday morning is the ensemble concert dress rehearsal.

Participating harpists are expected to prepare their ensemble parts BEFORE the festival begins.  Ensemble parts will be assigned when you order the music.  See order form for more details.

You, the student, and your teacher should collaborate on which ensemble is best for you. Order your music packet for that particular level as soon as possible. We will assign your parts.  If you don’t hear from us soon after you receive your music, please contact Mary Bircher at (402)-203-7005

The Harp Festival sells the complete sets of the 4 pieces of ensemble music.  We have a limited number of sets for sale on a first- come- first -serve basis. Each group’s music, plus the music for the combined group piece, are sold together.  We cannot break up the sets.


All music ordered includes the Combined Ensembles music. 

All music cost includes Oklahoma state sales tax.

Largos (Beginning lever or pedal harps)

Concerto in G Major for Two Mandolins, RV 532,   ii. Andante     by Vivaldi/Freund

French Treats  by Alyssa Reit
   1. Savez –vous Planter les Choux?
2. Pavane de la Belle


Allegros (Intermediate lever or pedal harps)

Baroque Fantasia     by  Stephanie Curcio

The River Suite         by  Maurice Draughn

Wade in the Water    arr. by  Cindy Horstman


Vivaces (Advanced Pedal harps)

Colors of the Wind from Pocohontas   arr. by Hannah Helbig

Hungarian Dance No. 5     by Brahms/Abbey-Lee

Cascades by Scott Joplin/Dewey Owens


Combined Ensembles

March pour la Ceremony des Turks by Jean Baptiste Lully/H. Adie

Triptic Dance by Beauchamp/Salzedo



Checks or Money Orders are preferred forms of payment.

We will send your music once we have received your order with payment.

NOTE!  For multiple students in one family, if you are in different ensemble groups you should order a separate set of parts for each individual. Otherwise, only one set is necessary.


QUESTIONS about your order

Contact Annie Mocha at (918)-521-6380 

QUESTIONS on ensemble levels and part assigning  

Contact Mary Bircher (402) 203 – 7005