Festivals like this don’t just happen.


Support from individuals like you is absolutely necessary to keep this dream alive.

As a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, The Midwest Harp Academy seeks your financial support to provide  live programs and education opportunities that we seek to present.  The current programs that are funded through the Academy are The Midwest Harp Festival Concerts and Scholarships and  Guest Artists.  We have also provided other events that involve hands-on harp involvement with the community and educational opportunities with the public schools. We sponsor several ensemble groups that perform regularly to benefit the elderly, other non-profit groups, and the general Tulsa community.

Please consider contributing something to keep this us going!

To see the list of our generous patrons who support the arts throughout the Midwest Harp Academy please visit the Harp Notes Society page on our website.

Make Checks Out To and Mail All Contributions To:
Midwest Harp Academy
711 South Allegheny Ave.
Tulsa, OK  74112