The Midwest Harp Academy non-profit is searching for a new Executive Director. The job entails fundraising, local Tulsa interaction and overseeing the Midwest Harp Festival.



I am interested in being the Executive Director of the Midwest Harp Festival but t I don’t live in the Tulsa area so I would not be interested in the local duties such as local fundraising and organizing harp ensembles for local performances.”

The budgeted salary can be negotiated to accomodate more workers’ salaries.

” I am interested in working locally but I don’t want to take on the big job of running the Midwest Harp Festival.

Contact the Midwest Harp Academy current Executive Director, Lorelei Barton, and let her know the level of your interest.  This could involve running harp ensembles or fundraising.  These salaries can potentially be paid out of the large Executive Director salary.  TBD – To Be Determined after all job applications have been accepted.

“Can most of the Executive Director duties be handled online, outside of Tulsa?”


“I would like to move the Midwest Harp Festival closer to my home town/state.”

If we elected to do this, the Midwest Harp Festival non-profit would dissolve and you would have to start your own organization with your own state’s guidelines, be it personal business or non-profit.  The Midwest Harp Academy Board of Directors would determine what to do with our current assets.  If we were to donate our assets, by law, we may only donate to another non-profit organization.

Click below for the Executive Director Job Description and Budgeted Salary

Executive Director Job Description MHA

For further questions contact Lorelei Barton – lkbe2014@gmail or 918-520-4041