“Self-proclaimed Harp Doctor Peter Wiley loves a challenge. Diagnosing, troubleshooting, and keeping harps in tip-top shape for harpists around the globe is his specialty. Now on his own after working for years as Lyon and Healy’s master harp regulator, Wiley talks about his behind-the-scenes job as one of the harp world’s most valuable players.” [Kimberly Rowe, Harp Column July/Aug 2005]

Starting as a trunk maker in 1984 Peter Wiley has worked in all aspects of Lyon and Healy’s production department. In 1986 he moved on to the Regulation department where he trained under Master Regulators Reggie Dzieman and Ed Galchick. From manufacturing many of the harp’s mechanical parts to acutally doing the assembly, Peter has done it all.

As a journeyman regulator in 1988, Peter began traveling and managing the newly established Lyon and Healy Road Service Program which Ed Galchick had begun. By 1994 he had earned the rare title of Master Harp Regulator. In 1995 he became Chief Harp Technician and in 1999 was named Final Production Manager

In 2005 after twenty years of employment Peter resigned from Lyon & Healy to start Harp Doc LLC. Now working freelance Peter’s company is based from his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Scheduling Maintenance 

Any harp maintenance to take place at the harp festival must be reserved no later than May 31 to guarantee servicing. Any requests after May 31 will be considered but not guaranteed.

• For scheduling regulations and/or string changes during the festival, contact Lorelei Barton at
• For questions or unique problems with your harp, contact Peter at


Replace Bass Wires (strings not included)

Complete Restringing (strings not included)

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