With recent narration, this video is edited footage from our 2006 Harp Festival which featured clincians Jody Guinn, Courtney Hershey Bress, David Ice, and Mary Radspinner.

Those interviewed are Susan Chase, Marie Anderson, and Annie Mocha.

David Ice filmed the festival, and Matthew Phipps edited and filmed the interviews in this video


This is a collection of some highlights from previous years


Here are some post festival comments from our 2009 10th Anniversary Festival harpists and concert goers:

“It was THE BEST Music Festival I have EVER attended…and thathas been alot of them over the years!!!I am still on Cloud 9!!!   This year, it was everything I could have hoped for and wanted!”

– Linda Thomssen (adult harpist), Kansas City, MO

“We’ve only been here for two years of your festival, this year seemed wonderful from what I could tell. … We had a wonderful time!  You do a fabulous job of putting everything together and I truly believe it has helped Devanee in her development of playing the harp.  She (and I) was very proud of her competition performance. … She remained composed through her errors and I feel like that was a big accomplishment for her!”

– Roselle Williams (mother of teen harpist Devanee Williams), Burlington, Ks.

“It is a great and wonderful grace to be able to attend this camp.  The teaching staff is incredibly wonderful and talented and you are to be commended for attaining such a staff.  The administrative staff is unbelievably wonderful in all the preparation, the day to day running of the camp, and the ability to always stop and “help” each and every person with kindness.  I think the mixture of ages is a great advantage to the camp.  Thanks, and thanks again.  Please pass this note on to your two assistants as they were really good. “

– Linda Goodman (adult harpist), Austin, Tx.

“You’ve developed a well oiled machine over time.  It ain’t broke so don’t fix it!  That same machine appears able to withstand last minute glitches too.  I don’t know if any happened to you this year but having been part of a committee in the past for setting up and running an annual meeting I recognize a system that is flexible enough to handle most any crises that might happen its way.  Your system is also able to incorporate in some manner the suggestions, recommendations, ideas, refinements and complaints that come along too.  The bottom line is you’ve built a solid foundation.”

– Lou Hurst (father of Zach Hurst, teen harpist), Lincoln, Nebraska

“I felt that all of the clinicians were top notch and excellent.  Enjoyed working with them and I also liked the private lessons that I had with Jan and Faye.  They both shared their knowledge and experience.  They were both encouraging and I felt that I got my monies worth by learning some new information … The multigenerational concept is great because we all learn from each other.  It was a great experience for someone my age and a rookie at this stage, but I had fun.”

– Rachel Richardson (adult harpist), Des Plaines, Ill.

Harp Column Interview

In this interview, the Harp Column asks Director Lorelei Barton about the history and mission of the Midwest Harp Festival.